Thursday, September 30, 2010

emma turns 2

On Sunday, September 26th, we attended a birthday party for our friend Emma. She turned 2!

The swing set was put to good use!

Finn can't be far if cake is around. :P

Keeping close watch as Emma blows out her 2 candles...with some help. :)

Cedar is practicing kisses with cousin Ronan. I think Ronan was a little grossed out by the drooly kiss! :P

After ice cream sundaes, it was time to open presents!

A princess puzzle for the birthday girl.

Cedar found the lens cap...

...and knew just where to put it. :)

We sure had fun...birthday parties are a favorite activity for Finn. :) Thanks for inviting us to your party Emma. We love you!

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Jon and Amy said...

Cute pictures! Thanks for coming! She had a blast on her "birfday"! Emma loves her new puzzle and fun book!