Sunday, September 5, 2010

couldn't be more excited...

Brunhilde is a hen!
We thought for weeks now that Brunhilde was a rooster. Her comb is really big, she's tall & she crows. But just sometimes. We were sure she was a rooster, but she really didn't bother us too often with her random crows so we figured we'd keep her/him around until it became a nuisance.

We keep white, wooden eggs in the nesting boxes to try to convince the hens that that's the place to lay eggs (instead of the farthest corner of the coop). Today when I went out to check for eggs, I thought I saw one of the wooden eggs in their run. I checked the nesting boxes & all 4 wooden eggs were in their boxes, but when I checked the run, I did find a wooden egg. So I checked the nesting boxes again & found the longest, white egg I've ever seen! Brunhilde is the only breed that lays white eggs, so I was thrilled! Hooray! She's not a rooster. Now I can relax. All five of the remaining chickens are confirmed hens. :)

I also wanted to share the colorful flowers that are still brightening up my yard...before Fall takes over. :)

Pink dahlias

Orange dahlias



Fall blooming flowers - asters?

Lovely tomatoes that are oh-so-close to ripe! :P

Purple beauty sweet peppers - can't wait!

I'm linking to the Tuesday Garden Party at An Oregon Cottage! :)


ChaseRR said...

Oh YAY!! We are soooo happy that your "rare" Brunhilde is a HEN! Congratulations! :0)

Susan said...

Beautiful flowers! And YAY for eggs! ;-)

Jami @ An Oregon Cottage said...

Nice to see you again at the Garden Party! Your flowers are so colorful and bright- proves you don't have to have all yellow and orange for the Fall. :-)
Yes, the small pink flower looks to be an aster to me, too.