Tuesday, November 8, 2011

barn party

On Saturday, October 22nd, we all got dressed up & went to our church's annual Barn Party!

Dracula-Griffin, Knight-Finley, Samurai-Ronan
One of the highlights of this event is to ride the school bus out to the party!

He still talks about riding the school bus to the Barn Party.  :)

James Bond-Josh, Astrid-Gretchen (from How to Train Your Dragon), Dragon-Tate

Our family

The Green kids

Playing darts - Finn hit two balloons with the darts!

Up in the hay loft.

Hermione-Stephanie  :)

Face painting

Shooting star!

Cedar could hardly wait for his turn.

He chose a monster!  :)

Such fun!  We love the Barn Party!  :)

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