Sunday, November 20, 2011

birthday #5: part 2

 Finley & Cohen chose a gymnastics birthday party at Gymnastics Northwest.

 They started the party with an obstacle course.

 Most of the activities ended in the kids having their own free-for-alls.  :P

 They played parachute games.

 Cat & mouse.

 Sharks & lifeguards.  Lifeguard Sadie is saving Kenton from a shark.

 Shark Tyler was trying to pull me under!  :P
 They birthday boys also got to be twisted up in the parachutes & then quickly spun around as everyone pulled it back in place.  :)

 Making balls float in the air!

 Finley & Cohen had lots of family & friends at their party!

 Biggest cousins with the littlest cousin.

 Finley was excited that Casey, his old teacher, was one of the helpers at his party.

The birthday boys got a special surprise from Gymnastics Northwest.  They each got to take a turn in the bungee harnesses.

 Cohen on one side.

 Finley on the other!

 Finn had no idea what was about to happen & was pretty freaked out at first.  He still tells us that it was too scary, but he was smiling & laughing the whole time.  :)

 They pulled the boys back & shot them at each other,  like they were in a sling-shot!

 It looked so crazy; I'm still shocked that they didn't even hit each other or the walls.  :P

 Great Phineas & Ferb ice cream cake, by Becca!

 Thirsty boys.

 Make a wish!

 Happy Finn!


 Sadie & Ethan.


 Cedar, Kenton, Stephanie & Prescott (our neighbor friends).

 Cedar likes ice cream cake!

 What a great turn out for two very special boys!

 Time to open gifts!

 Legos from us.

 Giant Bakugan from the Ruddicks!

Finn had such a great time at his party & was so excited to play with all of his new toys!  Thanks to all for helping making my son's birthday so wonderful!  I think he's pretty great & I loved getting to watch him have a day filled with things that he loves with people that he loves.  There's no greater joy!  :)

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