Thursday, November 3, 2011

california: day 2

 On Friday, we went to the beach at Bolsa Chica with the Hickmans & Ruddicks.

 It was a bit cloudy at first, but cleared up & was nice & warm.

 Everyone took a turn surfing or boogie boarding.  I was pretty nervous in the big waves, so I rode one big wave back to the shore & was satisfied with that.  It was nice to spend time, laying in the warm sun, not having to keep an eye on my busy boys.  I didn't end up taking many pictures, however, cause I didn't have those busy boys to follow around & photograph.  :P

 I got a good one of this little one!  Sweet Tate was enjoying the sand & all the treasure that can be found in the sand.  ;)

 Baby Tate & Gretchen

 That night, we went to Aunt Nancy & Uncle Mike's house for the rehearsal dinner.

 It was very lovely & the food was delicious!

All the cousins (minus Erik).
Elle, Hannah, Wyatt, Natasha, Emily, Kellie, (Erik in age order), Melissa, Katrina, Gretchen & Becca

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