Sunday, November 20, 2011

birthday #5: part 1

All decorated & ready for Finley's fifth birthday!  How can he be 5 already?!  So weird...

Kenton did his traditional hallway decorating, but went easy on me since I still had some loads of gifts to transfer from our room to the living room.  I wasn't feeling up for crawling on my hands & knees with gifts.  :P

It was all Finn could do to keep himself from opening gifts before we were ready!  Isn't he handsome.  :)

Cedar had a front & center seat so he could catch all the action!

Legos from Dad!

After church & a quick lunch at Memaw & Papa's house, all the kids took turns with a Perry the Platypus pinata (created by Memaw)!
The birthday boys!
Cohen turned 6 the very next day & we were all about to head to their joint birthday party (photos to come).

Cedar's turn.



Scrambling for candy!  :)

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