Thursday, November 3, 2011

jacque's bridal shower

 On Saturday, September 3rd, Carolyn & I (with help from my co-workers) "hosted" a bridal shower at Georgia's house (the EEP director).  Carolyn & I made the decorations & had so much fun making the place to festive!  :)

A banner made with ribbon & patterned scrapbook paper.

 Tissue paper pom poms & paper lanterns.
These stayed up just long enough for everyone to see before they fell to the ground, narrowly missing the bride-to-be.  :P

 Carolyn found a tutorial on how to make a tea towel wedding cake, complete with kitchen utensil "decoration".

 Flowers from my garden.

 Mini cheesecakes.

 Garden veggies & dip

 Yummy punch, made by my co-worker, Becca.

 The spread.

 The best photo I ended up with of Jacque.  :P  
(All the others were too blurry!)

 Carolyn read a poem that had directions on where to pass a gift among the guests.

 We passed to the person who had known Jacque the longest, the person who is a natural blond, the one who had to travel the farthest, etc.  It was a lot of fun & Jacque ended up being the last one with the gift, so she got to keep it!  :)

 The rehearsal bouquet, crafted by Carolyn.

 The shower hosts with the bride.
Georgia, Tamy, Becca, Angie, Jacque, Katrina & Carolyn

The bridal party
Megan (Stu's sister), Jacque & Tyler (Jacque's best friend & maid of honor)

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Jacque said...

Awww, Great pictures! The shower was awesome! I can't help but notice that in the one picture of me, I seem to be doing the awkward teeth smile ;-)