Wednesday, November 9, 2011


 On Halloween, the teachers always dress up for class!  This year, Jacque made an awesome "Corgi" skirt & Stu was Perry the Platypus. :)

 We forgot to get a group shot before Stu left, so here we are without him.
Dorise, Jacque, Tamy, Angie M, Becca & me (I'm dressed as a preschooler)  ;)

 That evening, we took the kids trick or treating at our friends' & families' homes. 

At Mummi & Pappa's house.
Sadie suggested I add a backpack to my costume to be an authentic preschooler.  Good idea!  :)

 Next was Stu & Jacque's house.

 Barney was dressed as a hot dog & was quite nervous about Finn's sword & shield.  :P

 We trick or treated at Carolyn & Jesse's home.

 We took a break at Memaw & Papa's house & ate a quick hot dog dinner.
Sadie was dressed as Smurfette, Cohen was a vampire & Tyler was an Enderman from a game called Minecraft.

 The almost birthday boys.
I wanted to take a picture for their party invitation.  :P

 Samurai Ronan & Dracula Griffin

 Adorable Rooster Tate!  :P

After dinner, we went out with the Ruddick family to trick or treat some more.  We got WAY more candy than we needed & have been trying to share with anyone & everyone that comes over.  :)

Happy Halloween!

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