Thursday, November 3, 2011

california: day 1

 On Thursday, September 8th, Becca & I flew down to Southern California for our cousin Kellie's wedding.  Aunt Carol (Mom's sister) & Natasha picked us up from the airport.  We met up with Wyatt & the Ruddick family (they drove down) at Clearman's Galley for lunch.

 Wyatt, Becca, Natasha & Katrina

 Sweet baby Tate

 Ronan & Griffin

 Tate & Aunt Carol

 That evening, we got dressed up & went to get pedicures for Kellie's bachelorette party.

 Gretchen, Katrina, Becca & Kellie

 Melissa (Kellie's older sister & matron of honor) & Kellie

 My hot pink toes & cool, foam flip flops.

 Natasha & Hannah, getting manicures.

 Emily (Kellie's younger sister & maid of honor)

 Elle & Melissa

 After getting our nails done, we met up at Aunt Nancy's (Kellie's mom, Mom's sister) house & got to meet baby Dominic (Melissa's baby).  :)

 We also were surprised by a stretch SUV limo!

 The whole group consisted of the female cousins on my mom's side of the family & the bridal party!  Pretty fun!

 The limo was Lakers themed inside!

 The matron & maid of honor.

 What a fun limo!

Melissa & I are a little over a year apart in age & have always been close friends.  :)
 Squeeze together!

The limo drove us to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.  It was super tasty & I ended up being too full to actually eat any cheesecake.  :P

 After dinner, we walked around a bit & took some group photos.

The bridal party

Someone suggested the we line up, youngest to oldest.  We all looked around to see where we needed to go when we realized we had already lined up in the right order.  Must have been ingrained in all of us!  :P

Silly faces!
(photo borrowed from Gretchen's camera)

 I think this photo must have been taken a second after the previous photo.  :P

We asked a stranger to take a photo of our whole group.  He said he'd love to take a photo of 10 beautiful women.  Melissa responded, "Um...there's 13 of us!?"  We all joked & gave him a hard time about who the 3 non-beautiful women might be.  It was pretty funny.  :P  He did a good job with the photo, so I guess we weren't too tough on him!  ;)

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