Sunday, October 25, 2009

first veggie - squash

After trying rice, oatmeal & barley cereals, Cedar was ready for his first vegetable - acorn squash from my mom's garden. :) Of course, he delivered numerous expressions of concern & confusion, but I believe he enjoyed his first taste of squash. See for yourself:

Not bad, Mama. What else you got? :P
Cedar has since tried butternut squash, which he seems to really enjoy!

That same evening, Pappa made Crème Brûlée for us! So good!

Finn got to help torch the sugar.

Finn loves to help in the kitchen. He even tries to convince us that should "make something" before going to bed. Such a helper!


Anonymous said...

At this rate, Finn will be able to whip up a breakfast in bed for you guys by his 4th birthday! Wouldn't that be wonderful! On another note, Cedar looks like he's not so sure about that food... --Mummi

hechtr said...