Wednesday, January 5, 2011

the tree

I don't know what it was about this year, but I just felt like Christmas came out of nowhere. I constantly felt like I was behind schedule & had to catch up. I didn't do any new holiday crafts. Decorating was stressful (toddler & preschooler may have had something to do with that). I was behind on my blog so I wasn't taking a lot of photos. All of a sudden, it was nearly Christmas & I hadn't taken the time to soak it all in. So on the eve of Christmas eve, we squeezed in some photos by the tree.

The traditional photo of Carolyn & me hugging the tree (+ loved ones that have joined our families through the years). :)
This year, Cedar was awake for the photo. Carolyn & I have had our photo taken hugging the tree for many years - since one random photo in high school. We haven't done it EVERY year, but lately we've made it happen.

Papa & Memaw brought Uncle Erik over to see our home all decorated. We got a photo with the grandsons before they were on their way. :)

Cedar really enjoys pointing to ornaments, pulling them off the tree, separating the ornaments from their hooks, leaving them here & there. It's been interesting trying to keep track of him during the holidays, but luckily I put the precious ornaments out of reach. In this photo, he knows he's not supposed to be going near the can see the look in his eyes. Stinker! ;)

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