Wednesday, January 5, 2011

small group christmas party

This year, our small group went all out & did a turkey dinner, complete with mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce & rolls. Yumm! It was so good.

After dinner, we decorated cookies!

The kids loved it & the grown ups all helped out with the decorating & eating! :)

Each kid had their own knife & bowl of frosting. Good thing, huh? :P

Cedar was very interested in eating his frosting covered cookie.

The whole group.
This year two more families joined our group.
Back row: Kenton, Cedar, Colin, Katie, Frank, Justin holding Ava, Jon, Amy & Emma
Front row: Katrina, Stephanie, Macey, Finn, Malia (baby girl due in Feb), & Ethan

After cookies, we played the Father Christmas dvd for the kids & had a white elephant gift exchange between the adults.

Kenton almost ended up with some new art for his office...

Jon ended up with the gift Kenton brought - a CD case wall display kit. :P

Amy ended up with the gift I brought. :)

I came home with a pretty cute frog statue & Kenton got an over the door wreath hanger. Not too shabby for a white elephant gift exchange. ;)

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