Wednesday, January 5, 2011

happy birthday pappa

We celebrated Pappa's birthday on December 22nd, with tri-tip steak & butterscotch pot de cremes! Delicious! We surprised Pappa by all going in together to get him a Nook E-reader. He was pretty sure it was a box of Sees candy, so we fooled him. :P

Happy Cedar!

Checking it out.

Finn loves his Pappa & wants to be in on the action.

Everyone was curious about the new gadget. We'd never used one before. Pretty cool, though!

Checking out videos on the computer together. Those boys adore their Pappa.

I borrowed these next 3 photos from Outi. I'm usually behind the camera, so it's nice to have a few photos to prove that I do exist. :)

The whole family.

No one is really ready for this photo by Cedar. I just love looking at everyone's expressions. Such a great candid shot. Thanks for sharing, Outi! :)

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