Wednesday, January 5, 2011

christmas lights

I was so excited to go on a Christmas Lights drive this year. Cedar has been noticing all of the lights around town, saying "Ooooh" or "Wow!" Finn is at a great age for appreciating nice decorations. I thought, for sure, the kids would have a great time. Everyone had their own cup of hot cocoa. It was great...for a while. But I forgot to factor in short attention spans. ;)

Cedar likes Christmas lights!

Finn really wanted me to take his picture - fake smile & all. ;) This was just before Finn started complaining, "This is taking a LONG time."

I suppose the kids were impressed for the first few houses, but apparently, you've seen Christmas lights once, you've seen them a thousand times. Nothing special anymore. Oh well. Can't please them all. :P Kenton & I were impressed.

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