Wednesday, January 5, 2011

new year's eve

We had a great New Year's Eve this year! Kevin & Outi watched our boys with the help of Marylee & Lew, who came over for a visit, so that we could go out with friends!

We met up with Carolyn, Jesse, Brian, Stu & Jacque at PF Chang's for Happy Hour!

Carolyn, Jesse, Brian

Kenton, Katrina, Stu & Jacque

Then we gathered at Stu & Jacque's house for a champagne toast. I stole this photo from Jesse cause it just turned out so great! I love this picture! I love my friends. :)

Here's my much less interesting group shot. Everyone looks great, it just doesn't have the same impact as the first one. ;) We all were wearing crowns that came in some party poppers that Carolyn & Jesse shared with us.

After a bit, we made our way over to Lane County Ice to watch the Eugene Generals' Hockey game. This was our first time watching our local team. was cold in there! Luckily, they sell VERY tasty hot cocoa in the concession stand. Their fries were delicious too. We might have to go back just for the snacks!

Courtesy smile from Brian! :P

Jacque, Carolyn, Stu & Jesse participated in Huck a Puck. You try to throw a puck into the middle of the rink to be the closest to a hula hoop to win the prize. I think the prize was money, but I missed that part. No one in our group won. :\

Go Generals!

We spent the last 5 minutes of the game by the glass & got to see some pretty rough smashes. We didn't end up winning, but at the end of the game the ref knocked on the glass & threw the game puck to Kenton! Cool!

After the game, we picked up the kids & came home. Finn fell asleep on the way home & Cedar fell asleep as soon as I laid him down in his bed - didn't make it to midnight this year. :) Stu & Jacque went home after the hockey game but Carolyn, Jesse & Brian came home with us. We played Carcassonne & watched the Times Square New Year's celebration.

I think Carolyn won!

Happy New Year!

2011! Woohoo! What a fun night. We loved spending the evening/late night with our good friends & brother. :)

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