Wednesday, January 5, 2011

christmas mid-day

The Hecht family gathered at my parents' house just before noon. Altogether, we are a group of 17 so it is always a big, busy, energetic gathering when we are all there. Plus the pile of presents is huge! ;)

Heroscape guys for Tyler!
Uncle Kenton has no problem thinking of gifts for his 10 year old nephew.

Griffin has such a cool dad!

Cedar took full advantage of the grown-ups being distracted & the cookies being within climbing distance.

He probably took a bite or two out of 8 different cookies before the cookies finally got moved. We were slow learners that morning...much to his perceived benefit, I'm sure. ;) Oh well, it was Christmas!

Cool R2D2 lunch box from Uncle Erik.

Littlest Pet Shop toys for Sadie!

I drew Erik's name this year & now he is the proud owner of a waffle maker! And a french press coffee brewer thing. :)

Kenton got many of the tools that were on his wishlist. This is the first year that he actually wanted tools. He must be growing up. :P

My mom drew my name & thoroughly spoiled me!

She made an apron for me & did such a great job picking fabrics that are totally "me". :) Plus it looks cute hanging in my kitchen. Gotta love that!

Kenton drew my dad's name & got him...

...a wireless printer! Yay Black Friday! ;)

A calendar for Memaw & Papa!

This year, Papa helped out in Santa's work shop! He made wooden dinosaur puzzles for the smallest cousins...

...Jolly Roger climbing toys for the preschoolers...

...& stilts for the grade schoolers! So cool! All of the kids loved their homemade toys.

Everyone tried out the stilts.

I know that Tyler has already mastered his & taught others. I need to try them out again when I'm not wearing dressy shoes. I wanna figure them out!

What a Merry Christmas we had. We are so blessed to have our family so close. We loved celebrating with all of our favorite people!

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