Tuesday, January 4, 2011


For his birthday, Finley received a month of gymnastics classes from our friends Carolyn & Jesse. This has been such a fun experience for him!

The classes are through our local community center & take place at Gymnastics Northwest.

Finn really loves learning new skills at his class & really wants to impress his teachers. He's often one of the only boys & it's so interesting for me to see him in this environment.

He's definitely been more nervous & timid than I'm used to seeing. He's even a little less impulsive & quieter. I think it's good for him to be in a learning environment that is a little out of his comfort zone. :) Keeps him on his toes!

This was on his first day & he's improved so much already. We've been able to keep up the classes for a few months & plan on continuing for the time being. We'll see if this is something that he really wants to keep working on or if it's just fun for now. Either way, it's been so fun for me & Kenton to watch him experience gymnastics. :)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Carolyn and Jessie! You are smart gift givers! --Outi