Monday, December 2, 2013

3 months old?!

 I went into Elsa's room to take pictures of her sleeping, but the sound of me opening the blinds woke her up.

 Waking up...

 Hi, sweet girl.

 Cracking a smile...

 There it is!

 Taking our monthly photo on the rocking chair...

 ...and more monthly photos on her quilt with her Elsa-bug.

And she's done with all these photos!

At three months old, Elsa is sleeping through the night consistently (knock on wood!). She goes to sleep in her own crib between 8:00 & 9:00 pm & wakes up between 7:00 & 9:00 am.  She sometimes stirs in the middle of the night, but goes back to sleep with her pacifier.  She still loves diaper changes & moves her arms & legs all over as soon as the diaper comes off!  She smiles, coos & blows spit bubbles, much to her Mama & Dad's amusement.  ;)  

Elsa does not love being in her car seat & often stops crying as soon as we arrive at our destination & turn off the car.  But she is also beginning to tolerate the car rides more & doesn't always cry anymore.  Elsa is trying to roll to the side, but hasn't rolled all the way over yet.  

She loves watching her brothers & smiles when they do silly things or sing silly songs.  She flinches when they get too close, though.  Smart girl! ;)  She watches all of us closely & I sometimes catch her smiling at me when I'm not trying to get her to smile.  The feeling is mutual!  I (we!) love this little girl.  She is such a blessing & I still can't believe we get to have her in our family! Kenton & I often ask each other, "Can you believe we have another baby?! Crazy!"  

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