Sunday, December 8, 2013

lazy sunday - snow day #3

 We weren't feeling very ambitious this morning.  We stayed home from church, rather than driving on the snowy roads.  We got out the Nativity set & the boys helped set it up while Kenton read about the Christmas story.

 Again, I was impressed with my helpful boys.

 They took turns nicely & were careful with "my" Nativity set.  ;)

 They voted for keeping the pregnant mama figure out until Christmas.  Then, we'll switch it out for the Mary & baby Jesus figure.  :)

 I've had this set since before the kids were born & still love it!

 As it warmed up a bit, we decided to head to my parents' house.  It was good to see what the roads were like & to be able to take our time getting there.

We ate lunch together, then the kids played in the snow.  Aaron was determined to make a snowman in the powdery, hard to pack snow.

 He had helpers come & go through the process...

 ...but he did it!

 And it turned out really cute!

 Back at home, we let the boys make gingerbread houses.  The annual Gingerbread House event at church was cancelled due to crazy cold/snowy weather & our boys were really looking forward to going.

 I helped each of them get their structures set up.

 Then they decorated, mostly on their own.  I helped with piping on frosting.  ;)

 Cedar's house!

 Woo hoo!

Finley's house!

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