Wednesday, December 11, 2013

our photo shoot

Elsa & I had the honor of being photographed by Lauren Sharpton of Freckles Photography!

Lauren & I go way back to our freshman year of college, when we were randomly paired together as roommates.  We had a lot in common & hit it off right away, becoming fast friends!

That was almost 14 years ago now!  Crazy!

Also during that first year of college, we met Tom who introduced us to his friend Kenton; they went to high school together in Alaska.

Well long story short, I married Kenton & Lauren married Tom.  Pretty cool!

Anyway...I took my first photography class with Lauren & have learned a lot from her as a photographer & an artist.  She continues to inspire me as she devotes her time to art & is starting a photography business in Corvallis & the surrounding area.

Needless to say, Elsa & I had a great time during our photo shoot!  I honestly didn't realize Lauren was photographing many of these moments.  She does a good job of keeping an eye out for the genuine & candid moments.

I am so thankful to have this collection of photographs to remember this time in our lives.

I'm right at the end of my three month maternity leave & have SO thoroughly enjoyed my time at home with this sweet girl.  Plus, my boys have kept us busy, transporting them to school & home.  I feel blessed that I was able to be home for so long, as we transitioned into a family of 5.

Lauren got some great photos of Elsa's nursery!

I put a lot of love (& time) into decorating her room & got so many fun ideas from Pinterest!

I know I'll be glad to have these snapshots, especially as Elsa makes her own decisions about what she wants her room to look like.  ;)

I love having the little handmade touches around the room & have been gifted many beautiful handmade gifts that work so well in this space.

The bug, pillow & quilt that are on the rocking chair were all made for Elsa & given to us by friends.  And the tissue paper pom poms (above her bed) were decorations at my baby shower.  I made the pouf, window garland & dot mobile (above the rocking chair).  

The alphabet cards were a free printable, found here.

I love this series of photos from our backyard.

I really appreciate having my home & yard as the backdrop.  As we change things up over time, it'll be nice to see what everything looked like when Elsa was a baby.

Elsa had just woken from her nap & was feeling social.

She kept an eye on Lauren & was talking & cooing throughout the rest of the shoot.

Love this smile.

Such blue eyes!

She makes some great faces, at this age.

Thank you so much for these photos, Lauren!  What a treasure.  :)

To read what Lauren had to say about our photo shoot, check out her blog post.

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