Saturday, December 7, 2013

finding our christmas tree

 In retrospect, we wish we would've picked out a tree last Saturday, when it was sunny & somewhat warm.

 Instead, we had planned to go today to find a tree.  After 7 inches of snow & below freezing temperatures, we almost chickened out.

 We started driving down River Road to look for a tree lot.  We stopped at one, but weren't happy with the prices/selection.

 So we kept driving, thinking we'd find another lot.  We were also trying to remember if there was a tree farm up by the farms we usually visit in the Summer & Autumn.

 Our memories served us well, this time!  We found Campbell's Tree Farm right across the street from Lone Pine Farms.

 It was much busier than we expected, but we found several good choices.

 We settled on this Noble Fir!  It was Kenton's favorite & I was having too hard of a time choosing. ;)

 I think it's perfect!

 Elsa actually fell asleep in her warm bundle!

What a perfect scene!  It was so beautiful out there.

 Silly faces!

 Even better, Kenton didn't have to kneel down in the snow to cut it down himself.  They cut it for us!

 My sweet family.

 Shortly after this photo, Cedar started to notice how cold he was & ended up crying the whole way back to the car.  :(

 Kenton was cold too, but he didn't cry.  ;)

I took the kids back to the van & blasted the heat, while Kenton paid for the tree.  Off came Cedar's shoes, socks, gloves & pants, since they were all soaked & frozen!  I pulled out chunks of snow from the cuffs of his jeans.  He was worried that his hands would never warm up!  It was quite dramatic & sad, but the heat worked quickly!  He warmed right up & returned to his happy, sweet self.

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