Sunday, December 8, 2013

decorating our christmas tree

 This year, I was determined to embrace the help that my littles had to offer & not stress about controlling the decorations.

 I also managed to enlist more of Kenton's help!  I recently started physical therapy for bursitis in my right shoulder & have been instructed to use it as little as possible.  So help was needed!

 I was so pleasantly surprised by how well the boys did.  They loved looking through their ornaments & talking about how old they were when they were given each one.

 Cedar often needed a little help to reposition the ornaments, but did a lot of decorating on his own!

 I sat back & watched, as they filled the branches that were within their reach.  ;)

 I love Christmas.  
And all the twinkling lights are my favorite!

 Our boys don't wear pajamas to bed, so it was pretty cute to see which jammies they chose to wear while decorating the tree.  Finn's are so random & hardly fit!  :P

 The red hats are from Mummi & Pappa & have become part of our tree decorating tradition.

 We also listened to Vince Gauraldi's Christmas album.  That's what my mom always played & it really puts me into the Christmas spirit & decorating mood.  Tradition!  :)

 After my sweet guys decorated as much as they wanted, I went through the rest of the ornaments to make sure my favorites were all up.  I also moved a few around to even things out & make sure they were hanging securely.  I added a few glass ball ornaments, the tree skirt & the star on the top.  All done!

 I laid Elsa on her quilt near the tree while I added other decorations to the rest of the house.  She cooed & kicked for awhile.  Then before I knew it, she had fallen asleep to the sounds of Christmas music, movement & chatter from around the house.

 Sometimes, her easy-going nature amazes me.  She's certainly not always easy, but lately we've been feeling pretty laid back.

I'm so excited to experience all of her firsts this year.  Having a third baby was such a great idea.  ;)  We feel so blessed that she's here; we're thankful to have her in our family.  

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