Tuesday, August 13, 2013

a work shower

On Saturday, June 29th, our lovely co-worker friends hosted a shower for Stu, Jacque, Kenton & me!

So much delicious food!

We work with fun people.  :)


We gathered at our director, Georgia's, house.

These pictures crack me up.  Gotta love the "guess how big my belly is" game! ;)

EEP & our supervisors bought us both Ergo carriers.  So generous!

Fun little boy clothes for the Gosses.

Their little boy is going to look like a mini-Stu!  :P

Something for Dad.

Cute little shoes for our baby girl!

Bumbo seats for both babies!

Needless to say, our family felt thoroughly spoiled...especially after having two baby showers in one week!  We're feeling ready to welcome this little one into the world!

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