Tuesday, August 13, 2013

pregnancy photos

 I recruited my friend, Amy to take pregnancy photos for me.  Gotta squeeze them in before this little girl arrives!

 36.5 weeks!  Still plenty of growing to do!

 I'm excited to print some of these for baby girl's room.  I'm using a lot of coral in the color scheme for her nursery, so my tank top matches well!  :)

 These next few are pretty similar, but I like them!

 No glasses.

 I noticed & told him to put his glasses back on.  :P

 That's better.  ;)

 Love the real laughs captured here.

 I think I win!

Thanks so much, Amy!  These are so special & will be cherished.  


Anonymous said...

Great photos! --Outi

Jacque said...

Cute!! Soon!