Monday, August 12, 2013

my baby shower

On Tuesday, June 25th, my sisters, mom, Carolyn & Jacque hosted a baby shower for me & our baby girl!

 I felt so spoiled & was blown away by how many people came.  Especially for a third pregnancy!

 There were so many cute touches.  The decor was lovely & the food was delicious!

 Pregnant besties.

 Carolyn - 32 weeks, me - 30 weeks, Jacque - 33 weeks

 Belly photos.

 Hecht girls.

 So spoiled!

 My feet were in a box, to help me keep gifts on my lap rather than slipping to the ground.  ;)

 Memaw, Mummi & my neighbor, Stephanie.

 So fun to receive baby girl clothes!

 Cute pregnant friends.

 Stephanie had started to crochet a blanket for our little girl but didn't have a chance to finish before the shower.  She let me open it but then took it back to continue working on it.  :)

 A sweet little bug, made by Carolyn.

 Our little girl's quilt, by Ann Schar.  She makes a baby quilt for babies born at our church.

 Garland for the nursery, made by Jacque.

Big Brother tie-dye shirts, made by Memaw!

I sure felt showered by gifts & love for our baby girl.  We can't wait for her arrival!

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