Friday, August 2, 2013

cedar is 4!

 Cedar turned 4 on May 1st!

 We let him open presents in the morning, before we headed off for work.

 Cedar graduated from a trike to a two wheeler!  He was so excited to have a bike with training wheels to learn on!

 The tradition of decorating the hallway is still going strong!  ;)

 Unfortunately, by the afternoon, both boys were feeling crummy with fevers.  Sad.

 After a rest, Cedar perked up enough to try out his bike.

 Check out his sweet, new helmet!

 Swinging at the neighbor's.

 On Saturday, May 4th, we hosted Cedar's birthday party.

 We've been so lucky to always have a sunny day to celebrate Cedar's birthday.

 It's so nice to be able to take advantage of our backyard for all of our family & friends to gather!

 Art table!

 Pizza, cupcakes, drinks & gifts!

 So many people gathered to celebrate Cedar.

 Babies & bubbles.

 Chatting by the garden.  It looks so different, as I write this today.  :)

 Birthday boy!

 Cool hat!

 A new book.

 Bat wings!

 Funny boy.

 New swim trunks.

 Sweet smile.

Sure do love this boy.

 Tate was so sneaky & got in there just in time to help blow out the candle!

 3 pregnant friends, all due within a month of each other!

Due dates in order: Aug 28th, Aug 12th, & Aug 8th!

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