Tuesday, August 13, 2013

eagle crest: part 4 - smith rock

 We waited for a cooler temperature day to explore Smith Rock State Park.

 What a beautiful place!

 We were so impressed & enjoyed our time there so much!

 The boys were very good hikers & stayed in good spirits!

 Helping carry the bag.  :)

 Finley & Fanni

 What a beautiful, cloudless day!

 Hiking with the littlest one.

 32 weeks pregnant.  
I did pretty well at keeping up with the group, for being 8 months pregnant.  But boy!  That was a workout!  ;)

 Monkey Finn!

 Always ready to pose for a photo.  :P

 I took SO. MANY. PHOTO.  Hard not to when surrounded by such beautiful scenery!

 The boys hiked up a steep, narrow path!

 "Climbing" the rocks.  
The photo was actually taken horizontally & flipped vertically.  ;)

 Super hiker boy!

 We enjoyed a delicious barbeque back at the condo!

Grilled pork chops & zucchini!  Great job, Kenton!

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