Tuesday, August 13, 2013

my 9th graduating class at EEP

 Kenton & the boys came to watch as we graduated my 9th group of preschoolers.

 Love these boys.

 Even when they're a little grouchy.  ;)

 I'm not supposed to show my sweet students' faces, but Kenton got a few photos that I can share.  :)

 Two very pregnant lead teachers!

 Checking out the playground.

 Great photos, Kenton!

 So glad we got these final belly photos!  Jacque gave birth to their son just 4 days later!!

 Completely unflattering, but this photo cracks me up!  There was a fly.  Oh, dear.  :P

 Finley wanted to jump into the group photo.  :)

Our AM & PM Teaching Team
Angie, Tamy, Katrina, Jacque, Stu, Becca, Claudia & Kitty

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Jacque said...

Fun day! And a good group of people to share it with! I love our prego pictures ;)