Tuesday, August 13, 2013

eagle crest: part 2

 We drove to Bend to find a fun park with access to the river.

 Oh, man!  An ice cream truck!

 These boys were so excited when we let them buy some popsicles!

 This sandy beach & shallow water resulted in endless amounts of fun & creativity for the kids!

 That evening, we found a different pool at the Resort that had a Splash Park!

 The boys were excited that I was willing to go under the water & get my hair wet!  :P

 Since then, Cedar asks me to go under the water whenever we swim together.  Didn't mean to set a precedence.  I don't usually want to get my hair wet when I get in the water!  ;)

 Fun at the Splash Park!

 Kenton got into the fun, too!

 Warming up!

 The breeze was pretty chilly when we got out of the water.



So sweet.

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