Tuesday, August 13, 2013

eagle crest

 On Sunday, June 30th, our family headed to Eagle Crest Resort for a week of vacation, along with Kenton's parents and their friend, Fanni, from Finland.

 My Aunt Robin & Uncle Truls were unable to use their condo & offered it up.  We were really excited to take it on...it ended up being our only vacation this summer & it was super fun!!  :)

 The lovely main room.

 The view from our balcony.

 Walking down to explore near the Deschutes River.

 Cedar & Finley had been looking forward to this vacation for weeks!  It was hard for them to be patient & wait for our vacation week!

 We barely saw the Mama bird in the tree & when I got closer to get a photo, we noticed her nest of babies!

 Taking a break in the near 100 degree weather!

 Such good hikers!

 Is that a marmot?!

 Our condo was across the street from a playground!

 The boys enjoyed climbing on the rocks too.

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