Tuesday, August 13, 2013

eagle crest: part 5

 Finally!  A group photo!
Fanni, Kevin, Outi, Kenton, Katrina
Cedar & Finley

 Silly faces!

 I went a little overboard taking photos at the park on our last evening at the resort.

 Can't pass up opportunities to catch these boys smiling!

 Showing off the tricks he learned at school!

 Static hair is funny!

 Kenton took some photos of my expanding belly + my boys.

 On our way out, the next morning, I took some more photos of the space that we called home for the week!

 It was so lovely!

We definitely felt luxurious in our master suite...even with two little boys sleeping on the floor (& often ending up in our bed halfway through the night).  ;)

Thanks so much to the Neal family for offering up their vacation home!  We had a wonderful time.  When asked where the most fun place to go would be, Cedar's answer is Eagle Crest!  :)

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Jacque said...

Your trip looks so fun! It's awesome you guys were able to squeeze in a memorable vacation before becoming a family of 5!!