Sunday, August 4, 2013

spontaneous beach day

 On Sunday, May 5th, we decided to skip church & head to the ocean!  It was abnormally warm & expected to be lovely at the coast.

 Other than the wind, we weren't disappointed!

 We moved 3 or 4 times to find the least windy spot to play, but once we settled it, we felt like we were in California!

 It was 80 degrees!  We've never been so warm at the Oregon Coast.  Wonderful!

 These boys are at such great ages for spending hours at the beach.  They can definitely outlast their parents.  ;)

 Sweet brothers.

 I enjoyed relaxing in the sun & just enjoying the peaceful ocean sounds & scenes.

 Time for some sun protection!

 Silly hats.  ;)

 23.5 weeks pregnant!  
Getting close to the third trimester.

 Cedar definitely figured out the best way to get back to the car.  ;)

We had enough time to stop for ice cream for before going back to Eugene for Finley's evening soccer game!  Lucky boys!  We also picked out some salt water taffy for the road.  It's so great to live so close to the ocean & it's such a blessing to find such lovely weather over there.  We were so glad we decided to make it happen!

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