Wednesday, December 3, 2014

2014 barn party + halloween

 These 4 dressed up for the annual Barn Party that a family from our church hosts. A couple people asked if I was dressed as a National Geographic photographer, so maybe that's what my costume was... :]

 Harry Potter, Mario, kitten, & Professor Quirrell (from the first Harry Potter book/movie)

 The Gosses joined us this year!
Little Red Riding Hood, the Woodsman & the Wolf, of course! :)

 Cohen dressed as Ron Weasley (Harry Potter's best friend!)

 Most of the cousins...missing Tyler & Cedar.
Griffin the monkey, Ronan the hockey player, Tate as Batman, & Sadie as a kitty too!

 For Halloween, we let Elsa choose if she wanted to be a kitty again or try out the rooster costume. She dove onto the rooster costume & cuddled/wrestled it for awhile, so we took that as her choice. :P

 Tyler made it into this shot, dressed as a skeleton.

Looks like Elsa though this was a silly face photo!

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