Monday, December 1, 2014

the oregon country fair 2014

 Gotta catch up!  In an effort to be speedy, I'm skipping the photo editing process.  I've been working hard to take photos manually & avoiding the auto settings.  So if things are a little off, it's a learning process.  But mostly, I've been enjoying the results.  Nothing is ever perfect, but it's been rewarding to see what my camera can do with the little knowledge I've picked up!

We enjoyed the Country Fair on a Saturday & it was quite hot. But the kids did great & we enjoyed experiencing it with the Gosses. We've added three kids to the mix since the last time we all attended the fair together.  Finn was not even two years old then.  We were all pretty tired by the end & I even carried Cedar in the ergo for a bit before I felt like my hips were going to give out on me.  I'm pretty sure he exceeds the weight recommendations.  :P

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Jacque said...

A sweaty, fun time! Glad you got so many good pictures of the day!