Wednesday, December 3, 2014

back to school & fall soccer

 Cedar started Kindergarten this year (!) & Finley is in 2nd grade.

 They cooperated for a serious photo... long as I allowed a silly face...

 ...& a true reflection of how we all felt about summer being over.  ;{

 I was amazed by how ready Cedar was to go to "Finley's school".

 I expected shyness or anxiousness about me leaving, but he was calm, happy & relaxed. 
He's growing up so fast. :]

 5 cousins at Buena Vista this year.
Cedar (K), Finley (2nd), Griffin (2nd), Cohen (3rd), & Ronan (5th!)

 Both boys also did Fall Soccer through Kidsports.
They both improved so much! We loved watching them play!

 Cedar had a smile plastered on his face for his entire first game (practically)! :)

 His teammate & classmate, Finn!

 This girl was mostly a good sport, considering how many games (& practices) she had to wait through!

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