Tuesday, December 2, 2014

elsa turns one

 Elsa's first birthday was just days after we returned from our California/Nevada road trip.  We decided on a low-key, backyard, dessert & appetizer celebration with our families & friends.  Thank goodness for nice, August temperatures in the evenings & a backyard that didn't get too scorched over the summer.  :]

My gift to Elsa was a new, twin sized quilt for her to grow into, after I (tragically) misplaced the baby quilt I made for her.  I decided to go bigger, better & to get over it.  I can't make it magically reappear, but I can move on & pour my sadness into a quilt that will last her a lot longer than her tiny baby quilt.  (Still hard not to feel so, so sad when I see that tiny quilt in photos.)  :`(

Sweet Alma

 I kind of went with a handmade theme when choosing how to decorate the backyard & gathered homemade quilts from around our home & from my mom to lay down on the grass.

 A scrap fabric banner from quilt remnants & scrapbook paper fans along the fence.

 White cake & carrot cake cupcakes. Bruschetta, veggies & dip.

 Two new scrap fabric mobiles to join the paint chip circle mobile that already hangs in Elsa's nursery.

 Another scrap fabric garland from Elsa's nursery.

 Easy drinks in mason jars with fun paper straws.

 The Augustines
Carolyn with Hattie, Katrina with Elsa, & Jacque with Edison
Two of my favorite friends were pregnant at the same time as me & we all had babies in August (hence the nickname for these three babies - eek! 1 year olds!).

 The balloon tent was fun, but mostly resulted in the constant startling sound of popping balloons.  :]

 Sadie & Edison

 First taste of sweets.  :)

 Cool trick, Elsa!

 Kenton & me with our birthday girl.

 She is truly such a joy.

 Elsa loves her homemade bunny from Carolyn.

 She stayed interested in the present opening for the entire time.  I was surprised by how much fun she was having!  :)

Happy first birthday, Elsa Roedel. We dreamed of having you in our family for so long, but never truly grasped how wonderful it would be to have a third child. We thank God for the blessing you are & do not take it for granted that he trusts us to raise you up. You bring much joy & delight to all around you! We can't wait to see what the next year will bring...but don't grow up too fast! You're still my baby.  :) We love you, oh, so much!

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