Sunday, December 28, 2014

spencer butte

We hiked Spencer Butte on the day after Christmas. It was a beautiful day & the whole Hecht family (all 18 of us!) were able to make it! I wore Elsa on my back until the very end, when Kenton took over for the final climb. Phew! I think the last time I hiked the butte was almost exactly two years ago, when I had just found out I was pregnant with Elsa, but wasn't telling anyone yet. :) I think it was harder for me this time! But we all made it to the top & were able to enjoy the view...along with tons of other people! It was a popular day for a hike...we could've had a party up there! :P

Kenton took Elsa to a flat area to let her walk around a bit before being strapped back in for the hike down. ;)

The whole group!

Working hard to get some smiles from this serious girl.

Back to business. :P

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