Monday, December 1, 2014

unexpected california visit

 While on our camping trip, but got the very sad news that my Grandpa Stoerman had passed away.  We had heard that he was being hospitalized & that his health was fading, but we still were unprepared. Our California family members were able to plan the memorial service for later in August, when most of us were able to travel down. While we were so sad for the circumstances that brought us to Southern California, we felt so fortunate to have this extra time with our loved ones.

At Grandpa's memorial service: the Stoerman cousins youngest to oldest.

While in California, we were able to see almost all of our family that lives in the LA area. We are so thankful for the opportunity for our kids to have quality time with cousins, great aunts, great uncles & great grandparents.



 Aunt Connie, Pauline & Adrienne

 Papa with his sister Connie & brother-in-law Bud.

 Jeff & Adrienne

 Aunt Carol & Uncle Keith

 Mike, Memaw & Papa

 We spent a day with my Oma. The boys picked oranges from the trees in her backyard.

 Elsa Roedel practiced walking with her (middle) namesake Oma (Helen Roedel) Hecht.

 We surprised the boys with a day at Legoland!  A dream come true for these two (three!).  :)

 Evidence of just how excited they were!  Holding hands.  :)

 More swimming fun.


 We said our goodbyes at the traditional location: In-N-Out! :)
Elsa, Aunt Carol, Uncle Keith, Kenton & Wyatt

 Melissa, Dominic, Makenna, Aunt Nancy, Uncle Mike, Cedar, Finley, Elle & Lincoln.

Thank you so much for making it so easy for us to come down & visit.  We sure love our California family.

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