Thursday, December 4, 2014

a harry potter party for finley & cohen

 Finley & Cohen both requested Harry Potter parties this year & with their birthdays being one day apart, we combined our efforts into one big party! This was probably the most fun theme that could've been chosen, for me, so I got totally into it! Also, Pinterest & free printables online became my favorite things ever!

Finley in front of "The Three Broomsticks", where you could have some Butterbeer or Gilly Water. :)

 The Chases did an amazing job creating unique & beautiful wands for "Ollivanders Wand Shop". These really blew me away.  So cool!

 "Honeydukes" sweet shoppe, complete with chocolate frogs, fizzing whizzbees, sour slugs, Bertie Bott's every flavor beans, & Dumbledore's lemon drops.

 Platform 9 3/4

 Balloon owls & house banners in the background

 A few wand battles, here & there.

 After snacking for a bit, we brought the kids outside for a quidditch match.

 The dads took this activity on & did an amazing job of teaching the kids to play & "refereeing".

 Goals posts.

 Harry & Ron
(aka Finley & Cohen)

 Tyler played the part of the golden snitch.

 One player from each team was given the job of grabbing the tennis ball that was in a sock hanging from Tyler's waist band. :P

 A couple cute spectators. :)

 Finn's turn to be the snitch!

 A group shot!
They played several rounds & really seemed to have a great time! The perfect activity for a gaggle of busy boys!

 The awesome ice cream cake, by Becca!

Kenton & I dressed as a wizard & witch! Such fun! Thanks for the great idea, Finley & Cohen! We sure loved planning your party. :)

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