Thursday, December 4, 2014

finley is 8

We celebrated Finley's 8th birthday as soon as we all woke up.  It was a busy day filled with work/school, dinner with grandparents & great grandparents, & basketball practice. I made his twin-sized quilt with all of the fabrics that he picked out. He was so sweet & really seemed to love it.  Cedar is ready for his to be made now too! :) He also received some Harry Potter themed gifts that worked well as decor for his friend party a few days later. ;) We ate pizza for dinner & had ice cream sundaes for dessert.

Finley is such a bright, inquisitive, active boy.  He loves playing video & board games with his dad & brother, reading, playing basketball & soccer, his cousins, hugging his baby sister, and anything to do with Harry Potter. Finley does really well in school & is picking up Spanish well.  He enjoys math & science & is participating in an after school science club. He is affectionate, strong-willed, loyal & loving.  He always tries to please everyone...except for maybe his little brother. :P I would definitely choose him as a friend if I wasn't already lucky enough to have him as my own son.  Finley is my first born...the one I get to experiment & flop with on a daily basis.  He's taught me so much & I'm super proud of the boy he is becoming.  He has such a kind heart & an enthusiasm for learning. Finn's a cool kid & I'm so glad he's ours. :)

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