Tuesday, December 23, 2014

maui: kamaole beach III

 After whale watching, we drove down to the Kihei area in search of lunch & a new beach to explore. We were leaving the next day & figured we wouldn't make it to the beach on departure day. Hopefully that explains the absurd number of photos I took here. Our last beach day. I needed to capture it all, so I could save it for later. :)

I love this swim suit. And this girl. Such an amazing traveler!

 The waves were great for body surfing. Finn loved catching the waves!

 Nice view of Lanai.

 Kenton & I worked quickly to create sand structures for Elsa to destroy so she would ignore the boys' sand creations. ;)

 A little chilly when the sun would hide behind the clouds for a moment. :)

 The the sun came back out, I had a lot of fun taking some back lit photos!

 Running Cedar!

 Running Finley!

 Cool reflections.

 Tiny footprints.

 More fun with back lit photos.

Such a perfect day at the beach. Finn decided this was his first favorite beach! Baby Beach was his second favorite & Kapalua Bay was his third favorite. But his favorite thing about Maui: the beaches! :)

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