Tuesday, December 23, 2014

maui: kapalua bay, iao valley, baby beach

 Kapalua Bay was another super fun beach. The waves were a little bigger, which the boys really enjoyed, plus it had a great big coral reef to snorkel around. Finn ended up being a really great snorkeling buddy.  Kenton & I took turns going out with him & saw some fun fish!

 Enjoying bigger waves & slightly deeper water!

 Cedar loves playing in the sand & always managed to get completely covered any time we went to the beach. Kenton did great getting over his distaste for sand & got into it with the boys!

 Elsa enjoys the water & sand, but gets cold & antsy after awhile. She enjoyed walking up & down the beaches with Dad. :)

 Another lovely sunset in Lahaina.

 We managed to pick an extremely rainy & windy day to explore the Iao Valley Monument. The weather was too wet to bring our phones or camera out of the van, but I managed to get this shot from inside the van. :P

 Rainy in the rainforest, but sunny in Lahaina! We went back to Baby Beach after a late lunch. We rented a boogie board that has a viewing window & mask attached so that we could show Cedar some of the fish. The first time I took him out, I looked under the water & there was a sea turtle about two feet away from us! Amazing! I had to catch up to it to position Cedar directly above the turtle for him to see it & managed to scrape my leg pretty badly on some coral in the process. Ouch!

It was worth it though & I was even able to call out to Finn to let him know. He got his snorkel gear on quickly & met up with us in time to get a good look too! So glad we all had the chance to see the turtle. Just wish we could've shown Kenton too! :\

Kenton took the next series of photos! Nice work, Love. :)

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