Tuesday, December 23, 2014

maui: the first day

 On Wednesday, December 10th, we drove up to the Portland International Airport & narrowly made it onto our plane to Maui, Hawaii. Seriously. We were the last ones to board the plane. It was crazy & we didn't even feel like we were late. Just a series of delays, including traffic, long lines for checking our bags & extra screenings at TSA. But thankfully, we made it & survived the 6 hour flight with three happy, well-behaved & amazing children in tow! They were such great travelers! We arrived at 9:30 pm (Maui time), got our rental van & drove to our condo in Lahaina. By the time we got to bed, it was after midnight (Maui time), which felt like 2:00 am to us. And Elsa woke us at 4:30(!), cause apparently it felt like morning to her! :P We turned on some cartoons & kept her quiet until the boys woke, then we all went out to find some breakfast.

We found a cafe neighboring a park that was perfect for a quick photo shoot.

 After breakfast, we walked to the Banyan tree & let the boys scope it out.

 Christmas lights were strung throughout the entire tree.

 Our first beach visit was the Baby Beach just down the road in Lahaina.  The water was perfectly mellow & great for snorkeling too!

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