Tuesday, September 4, 2012

eep graduation

On Thursday, August 9th, we celebrated the graduation of my 5th class!  The class of 2012!

We had a special guest for a few minutes at the beginning of the evening - Twiggle (a character from our Feelings Curriculum)!

As always, due to confidentiality, I cannot show photos of my cute students, but Carolyn & Alma came (Jesse was there too!).  If their faces were shown in this photo, it would have been better.  ;)  Carolyn taught in the afternoon class for the Summer, so we was there as a teacher this time.

Cedar watching the ceremony.

The teachers served pizza & ice cream afterwards.

I forgot to get a group shot of us teachers this time, so these action shots will have to do.  :P

Big kid Finley climbing the play structure after the ceremony.

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Jacque said...

Yay! My first EEP graduation! Thank you for making it a fun and a much-easier-than-it-could-have-been year!