Sunday, September 2, 2012

my birthday

 Speaking of one of my favorite holidays...

 My boys showered me with gifts, after I'd gone for a run & before I'd had a chance to get ready for the day.  ;)

 Kenton has gotten really good at buying clothes for me in the past 12 years!

 Pretty new dress for our anniversary trip!

 We went to lunch together at Sweet Basil.  

 Love the Thai Iced Teas!

 Pretty flowers from Carolyn & my Mom.  :)

 Finn was very nice to me on my birthday & let me take practice photos of him for a photography class I was taking at the community college (with Amy Green!).

 Sweet smile...

 ...silly smile.

 Notice his shorter mohawk?  I nearly broke his heart by shortening it too much.  Luckily I was able to cut the sides even shorter to make the middle show up more.

 Also showing him a photo of Puck from Glee helped to stop the crying.  :\

 More attempts with Cedar, but he was a little harder to wrangle.  :P

 Big boys!

 One with Mama, the birthday girl.  :)

 For dinner, we went to Agate Alley Laboratory with Brian, Stu, Jacque, Carolyn & Jesse!

 Fun friends!

 Carolyn & I have been friends since probably 1997 (15 years!!) - that's almost half of our lives!

 Me & Kenton

I've got really great friends!

After dinner, we all (except Brian, who was leaving town for a friend's wedding) went to see The Dark Knight Rises & finished off the night with dessert at Applebees!  Pretty great birthday for #31.  ;)

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Jacque said...

What a fun day! Thanks for including us in your amazing night too!!