Sunday, September 2, 2012

independence day 2012

 The boys celebrated the 4th of July this year with new haircuts (they requested the mohawks, just for clarification)! ;)

Alma was feeling a little left out, so...

 ...her Mama let her wear her hair spiked for a bit.  :P

 I just liked how green & lush everything looked back at the beginning of July.  As I post these photos, in the beginning of September, our grass is crunchy & brown & the flowers are on their way out.  But it sure was pretty then!

 We went to the Ruddick's house for dinner & fireworks.  Josh manned the barbecue & we all pitched in side dishes, buns, etc.

 Kenton & me.

 Jesse, Carolyn & Alma.

 Happy boy with a new hair cut!

 Silly Ronan.

 My boys were super excited when they realized I had brought their suits for the hot tub.  Finn told me, "You never let us go in!"  He felt pretty special.  :P

 Cedar took his time, but eventually was all the way in the tub.

 Almost dark enough for the fun stuff.

 Starting with sparklers.


 Love the dark silhouettes!

 These kids are so lucky to have each other.

 Caught someone else's flash with this photo.  :P

 Running away from sparks that got too close!

 Leave it to Josh to rig up an exciting grand finale!

 More exciting moves by Josh!  :P

Tired boys, but they had so much fun!  I love Independence Day!  It might be one of my favorite holidays, after Christmas...& my birthday.  ;)

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