Monday, September 10, 2012

our big trip: lageri

 On August 21st, we woke up later in the morning & visited & played a board game with Dimitris before venturing out to a beach near Lageri.

The water was beautiful & calm & it wasn't windy.

 There wasn't a large beach to lay out on.  We had enough room for our towels & we enjoyed swimming & even diving down to look at an octopus.

 Dimitris brought back a feast of sea urchins & oysters for us to try.

 Brown, purple, green.  So colorful!

 He also brought back a small octopus that Kenton helped "prepare".

Cleaning out the sea urchins.

 The pile of sea urchins, opened to reveal their eggs, rinsed & ready to eat.

 Poor htapodi.  ;)

After eating, we went back to our hotel, got cleaned up, then ventured out to Naoussa & shopped, ate dinner & enjoyed the evening.  Many photos were taken on my phone, so I'll have to look through those to decide which ones to share in another post.  :)

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