Sunday, September 2, 2012

family birthday

We celebrated Sadie's & my birthday with our family (Hechts except Erik, Ruddicks, Chases, & Henrys except Brian) on Sunday, July 22nd at Jack B Lively Memorial Park.

We had sub sandwiches, fruit, chips & popsicles for dessert.

Birthday buddies - just 3 days apart.  :)

A little dark, but that's Sadie blowing out her candles!

Time for presents.  We were hoping for some sunshine!

Finley loves his cousin Tyler.  I think Tyler feels the same...but maybe not so much that he was thrilled about sharing a camp chair with Finn.  :P

"Girl legos" from us!

New clothes!

Sunshine!  And some new chicken art!  :)

Travel size toiletry bottles for our upcoming anniversary trip...

Plus, some basil & a new garden basket!  Thanks so much to my family for spoiling me on my special day.  And thanks to Sadie for sharing her party with me.  :)

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