Sunday, September 9, 2012

our big trip: seattle, london, athens

 Kenton & I have been saving up & planning for our 10 year anniversary for nearly two years.  We wanted to do something special without going into debt (like we did for our honeymoon!).  :)  We could hardly believe that after all this time, our 10th anniversary had finally arrived & it was time for our big trip!  Both of our parents shared child care responsibilities while we were away (for 2 weeks!) & we could never had pulled this off without their help!  Thanks Memaw, Papa, Mummi & Pappa!!

Our trip started with a drive to Seattle, where we lived for about a year during our second year of marriage.  It was fun to have a quick visit & to walk around Seward Park before catching our flight.

 A friend of Kenton's from growing up in Alaska let us park our car at her house & drove us to the airport.  Thanks Megan!

 We flew overnight & arrived at the Heathrow Airport for a 9 hour layover.  Rather than wait around, we rode the tube into London to see Westminster Abbey & the Houses of Parliament.

 Double decker busses!

 We walked around the area just a bit to see the sights.

 London Eye.

 The River Thames.  We were pretty sleepy & in need of a shower, but we enjoyed ourselves.  We stopped at a pub & ate fish & chips before riding the tube back to the airport to catch our flight to Athens!  We arrived in Athens after 2 am & took a taxi to our hotel.  We were willing to pay anything to get us to a place where we could sleep comfortably, but were still a little shocked when the driver told us we owed €65!  Whatever.  We could never had figured out where to go on our own, especially at 2 am!

 In Athens, we relied on the metro to get around.

 Athens was quite different from London & graffiti was everywhere.  Especially on the metro cars.  It was kind of pretty...but pretty dirty.

 At the port of Piraeus, we booked our ferry trips for the next day to the island of Paros & for our trip from Santorini back to Piraeus.

 A little photo break in the shade.

 We rode the metro to the Acropolis, since we had the whole rest of the day to see the city.

 We ate lunch at a restaurant that had water misting down on us.

 It definitely felt good.  :)

 First taste of Greek food!  Pork souvlaki & gyros!

 After lunch we hiked up to see the ruins.

 Love the arches on the Theater of Herod Atticus.

 Lots of people.


Columns of the Parthenon

Self portrait.

Help from another tourist.


Under construction.  :P

Temple of Nike Apteros

Our Athens hotel.  I think we were so exhausted when we arrived that we didn't even notice the two twin beds.  We did, however, notice the air conditioning!  :)  

We were unfamiliar with they key/electrical system relationship & on the night that we arrived, Kenton took the key out of its wall mount & went downstairs to find out the wi-fi code.  About 2 minutes later, after I'd taken out my contacts & was washing my face, all of the electricity went off in our room.  Kind of like a worst nightmare for me, being in the dark, without my contacts on, in a foreign country where I don't speak the language, & in my pajamas.  :P  Luckily, Kenton came back quickly & I'd been able to find my glasses & open the shade to let some street light into the room.  Made for a laugh.

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