Sunday, September 2, 2012

track & field trials

 We made it down to Hayward Field to check out the US Olympic Track & Field Trials...or at least, to see the surrounding set up.  We didn't actually see any races.  :P

 The boys completed all of the kid events for their medal & prizes.

 Cedar's going for the long jump!

 The Williamses graciously agreed to go with us, even though they'd been a couple times already...& it was raining!

 Hurdles proved to be a bit tricky, even for our tall boy!

 More jumping!

In the air!

 Spinning the wheel for a prize.

 Good job, Finley & Cedar!!

Kenton & Katrina, too!

 A quick group shot, under the protection of the trees.  We got very soaked!  But it was a lot of fun to see where our USA Track & Field Athletes started their 2012 Olympic Adventure!

 Back at our house, we attempted a photo shoot of Cedar & Alma in their matching short-alls.

 Maybe the best shot I got...

...then Alma's on the move!

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